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SONAS Innovation is recognised for the excellence of its technical and business skills. The combination of skills available at SONAS Innovation include:

Technology Expertise:
SONAS Innovation can design your optimal solution and identify which components and technologies are the best fit. We then build platforms to scale appropriately, and, most importantly, implement technology that matches the use, not vice versa. Our skills include:

  • Application Design
  • Integration of Systems
  • Open Data Interchange
  • Systems Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Communications/Security Design
  • Management Information Frameworks
  • Operating System Choice and Tuning

Programme Management:
Clearly charted plans have enabled SONAS Innovation to display to our customers exactly how a project will be carried out, and how it is progressing over its course. We ensure all resources are organised and committed and all times in accordance with our own dedicated project management methodology. Open and honest communication with stakeholders is a considered integral to each initiative we become involved with. Our programme management skills include:

  • Project Design Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Resource Allocation and Provision
  • Multi Dimensional Prioritisation
  • Setting Effective Tempo for Project

SONAS Innovation's standard management approach is strongly directed by the Project Management Professional methodology. We employ our proven methodologies to structure, facilitate, and deliver proposed deliverables. Our methodology can be viewed <here>.

Change Management
Setting ambitious achievable government policy/ organisational strategies is a core competency of SONAS Innovation. We always place realistic objectives for today's technology's capability as is appropriate to the environment, be it organisational or economy, while setting clear financial and economic change targets. SONAS Innovation are an authority in aligning all individuals (from citizens, to officials, to political representatives) with a project and guiding them through a successful change journey. Our change management skills include

  • Organisation Design
  • Structuring for Change
  • Setting Realistic Objectives
  • Economic/Financial Analysis and Planning
"SONAS Innovation have
worked very well with us. They understood our need implicitly and have planned for many likelihoods we would not have foreseen...."
  John Hurley,
Director of Learning,
Diageo Liberties
Learning Initiative.