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You believe fully in the economic benefits of a sound technology infrastructure through the understanding of the actual utility brought to the providers and users of public service.

You know how to implement change programme which will achieve their objectives for the day to day lives of citizens.

You acknowledge that there is a lot more to know from others' experiences and are motivated to acquire this knowledge, notwithstanding that you have unique knowledge to impart yourself.

You would like to move from superficial engagements with peers in other countries to "roll up your sleeves" and understand the detail of programmes and systems in other countries.

Alternatively, you may see diplomatic and economic benefits in strengthening relationships between the above people and those in other strategically important countries.
You should <contact us>, to form part of our growing community of like-minded change makers, or to plan for a customised programme now. We will facilitate the interchange between members of this network - from online introductions to organising intensive knowledge transfer programmes, to allowing for experts to flow between partnering countries.