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SONAS Innovation has a strong background in the communications industry, having been involved from the earliest evolution of the Internet in Ireland.

Internet and related communications technologies will continue to have a reforming impact on connecting information and knowledge resources. Understanding their impact and how they can be best utilised will be central to the fullest performing economies in the future. There are new market structures continuing to unfold where the role of the State is evolving rapidly. Regulation is often made ineffective by the construction of phantom technical barriers by telecoms operators. Promotion of competition on these new landscapes is rapidly driving the need to physically or logically separate assets from services.

From measuring the magnitude of economic benefits, to advising on market structure issues, to analysis of operators and technologies themselves we have a comprehensive pedigree.

As well as working with policy making and executing Government Ministries and bodies, we work with those looking to use communications in innovative ways within their own Governmental organisation or with regions and/or communities.

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