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Governments have encompassingly powerful influence over the development of their nations.

Despite apparently accelerating nature of globalisation and the effect of external forces beyond borders on change, never before is the latitude as significant for change to be controlled from within. Innovation in the arrival at national policy is the only route to competitive advantage. Effective harnessing of resources most effectively to build existing strengths and extend into new ones.

However, in an area where vested interests can make the realities around technology potential even more unclear, an informed judgement on the technical, business and economic impact of various choices is necessary.

Clearly structured goals with direct linkages to citizen benefits are necessary for full alignment of the Ministries, Agencies and bodies to achieve progress in the most effective way. How stakeholders interact is crucial to the actual execution.

How can a sound technology infrastructure underpin a strong economy and sufficient funds for social policy? Is there economic benefit to consumer and business adoption of technology? What is the interaction between the innate characteristics of technology adoption and the conditions for supply?

Policy in the absence of its correct execution is ineffectual. SONAS Innovation are experts in reading the social and economic climate of the countries we are working in. Please also see the publications section for published reports from SONAS Innovation.

 Dept. of An Taoiseach