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The Public sector and the Private sector are increasingly working in partnership on technology projects. Both domains will typically have its own distinctive style, motivations and modus operandi. Forging the partnership correctly, structuring outcomes effectively and ensuring that the culture gap is widened further by technological complexity is a core competence of SONAS Innovation. We ourselves have a culture that is fully compatible with both public and private domains and can act as a bridge, building links for technology projects.

There are many projects today where the typical design / build / finance and operate responsibilities are shared. It is necessary that the resources, competences and capacity of each stakeholder in complex projects are fully harnessed for the successful implementation of a project.

Our focus on public sector projects is such that we will only engage with private sector clients if there is a collaborative public private partnership (PPPs) project at hand. Our track record in this domain shows that we can bridge this gap, and bring both sectors into close alignment.

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