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Public Key Infrastructure is a key tool for identity management and trusted communications environments for Governments. Whether as a tool to allow for automation of Government services or as an underpinning business infrastructure, we have a long heritage in the technologies and their applications.

Our people will have been involved in the building of the first PKI infrastructure in Ireland within PostGEM, subsidiary of An Post. Such news (from back in 1998!) is reported by Enterprise Ireland, the enterprise development agency in Ireland:

Having built the first X.435 EDI trading hub in Europe, to the largest X.400 messaging provider in Ireland and supplier of international X.25 networks, the legacy technolgies inbuilt into PKI standards are well understood. While we will approach each requirement to design the optimal solution, we will typically utilise architectures deploying open LDAP databases as the key engine for interoperability and integration and capability for future scalability.

We focus mainly on the technology deployment with systems conforming to IETF standards including:
RFC 3280
RFC 3647
RFC 3739
RFC 2587
RFC 3628

We have recently been engaged to allow for identity management and secure communications for students in a school or home context to allow for applications including secure examinations online, and the creation of an ePortfolio.

SONAS Innovation works flexibly with complementary providers as neccessary with the aim of providing a centrally managed service for client Governments.

Certification Europe who will audit issue certification to national and /or EU legislative requirements.

Chambers of Commerce who are focussed on the need to create uses for business for the technology.

PCI who have a hosted system which may be leveraged with our client Governments.

We are well networked to a number of global experts will have been involved at the highest levels of the industry from its emergence with Baltimore Technologies.

We have recently worked with each of these partners on a projects in a Middle Eastern country regarding the establishment of a certification infrastructure.


"SONAS Innovation have
worked very well with us. They understood our need implicitly and have planned for many likelihoods we would not have foreseen...."
  John Hurley,
Director of Learning,
Diageo Liberties
Learning Initiative.